Pangyo Housing

Pangyo Housing, located about an hour and a half by car from downtown Seoul in the city of Seongnam, is a low rise housing complex for 100 low income families.
Tell us about the basic concept behind this project.

Each residence consists of a three- to four-story unit with a glass enclosure called a shikii on the second floor. The shikii opens out onto a common deck, which links about ten homes into one cluster.

When using the second-floor glass enclosure, residents are aware not only of their own family but also of their neighbors; some use the space as a hobby room, while others use it for entertaining.  

One year from completion, the housing complex is becoming a lively, warm environment that overflows with the unique personalities of its residents.
How did you become involved with the project?

We were invited to participate in an international design competition for the project in 2005, the first of its kind to be held by the Korea Land and Housing Corporation.
How does this project fit into contemporary architectural trends?

In contrast to standard housing developments that are designed solely to ensure a high degree of privacy, these units were designed both to generate interaction with the surrounding community, and to create new communities. They are a prototype for the next generation of housing complexes that value both family privacy and neighborhood connections.

Email Interview conducted by Yuna Yagi
Cluster plan
Cluster section
Pangyo section
Pangyo unit type
Pangyo site plan
Pangyo Housing

Seongnam, Korea

Korea Housing Corporation

Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop
+ Kunwon Architects

Design Principal
Riken Yamamoto

Project Architect
Nahoko Yoshii
Kiyoshi Nishikura
Motoki Yamamoto
Kei Imai
Mio Tachibana
Tomohiro Tanaka
Ai Kubota

Associate Architects
In-Sun Hahm
Kyung-Ran Kim
Jung-Ho Shin
Ho-Hun Lee
Hyunseck Song
Jangjun Seo

Structural Engineer
Structural Design Office Plus One Co., Ltd.
Hyungsang Engineering

MEP/FP Engineer
SOGO Consultants
Daepyung Engineering Co., Ltd.
Samwoo Electric

Hanyang Corporation

Site Area
29,135 m2

Total Floor Area

Artisan Photography
Kouichi Satake