BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)

Bureau's Office

Lisbon, 2020

How to work better 1 Do one thing at a time 2 Know the problem 3 Learn to listen 4 Learn to ask questions 5 Distinguish sense from nonsen...


Tagus Gas Bürokomplex

Cartaxo, 2014

Das Fassadensystem weist eine umfangreiche, leistungsstarke Verglasung auf, verborgen von einer perforierten Hülle aus nachhaltig produzi...


GS1 Portugal

Lisboa, 2016

GS1 Portugal is the Portuguese counterpart of the non-profit global body in charge of implementing the technological licensing origin ide...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

ÁguaVida building

Oeiras, 2010

The proposal defines itself as a point of connection between the three surrounding equipments – Poets Avenue, Poets Green Park and the fu...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Building Terraços de Cascais

Cascais, 2009

This project is characterized mainly by its peculiar volumetric development. It’s articulated in step horizontal boards, following this w...

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

Óbidos Technological Park Main Building

Óbidos, 2014

Back in 2010 the Óbidos Municipality launched an international architectural competition. The aim of the competition was to design the C...

Topos Atelier de Arquitectura

Office and Commercial Building

Braga, 1998

On a residual terrain, with 500 m2, has been programmed a building with underground parking, commercial ground floor, four floors of offi...

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