Little Ajax Affordable Housing

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This project was initiated by GLUCK+ in response to the overwhelming need for affordable housing in Aspen. A unique housing solution located close to Aspen's main core, this family oriented complex is a riff on the traditional courtyard scheme which redefines and expands what is typically a formulaic architectural typology.

The design negotiates a steep, difficult site and transforms it into a dense, dynamic family complex complete with 14-three bedroom units, 25 covered parking spaces, an open space parcel and a network of public trail easements. The site for this project was an unwanted brown field site which was considered difficult to develop due to its steep elevation, the presence of mine waste rock and rock shafts as well as potential rock fall from above. A partnership was formed with the City of Aspen, which subsidized the project.

Using multiple strategies including a compact design, an efficient centralized mechanical system, and a super-insulated building complemented by the use of green building products like bamboo floors, low VOC paints, recycled content carpets, and laminates that did not require finishing resulted in a building that complied with and far exceeded the strict sustainability code of the City of Aspen.

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