ARX Portugal Arquitectos

House in Romeirão

Romeirão, Ericeira, 2003

The site has a strong rural character, with small plantations, orchards and pathways limited by roughly made stone property walls and, on...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Ílhavo Maritime Museum

Ílhavo, Aveiro, 2002

The building is situated on the outskirts of town, on a irregular plot flanked by houses on two levels, semi-detached or free-standing. ...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

House in Aroeira II

Aroeira, 2007

This is the second project for the urbanization of the Aroeira's golf course, a field of lawns, sand zones and lakes, and in this case, a...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Barreiro School of Technology

Barreiro, 2007

The building site assigned for the School is located in the outskirts of the city of Barreiro. These are rural territories which were inv...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

O'Porto Blood Bank

O'Porto, 2004

The Oporto Blood Bank is built to support all activities of regional blood collection and analysis as well as its partition in 3 componen...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Ílhavo City Library

Ílhavo, Aveiro, 2005

Ílhavo City Library is located in the remains of the Manor Visconde de Almeida, a noble house from the 17th-18th century, later transform...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Cascais Music Conservatory

Cascais, 2007

The City of Cascais and Oeiras Music School and Chamber Orchestra headquarters stays at the old building of the Boaventura boarding house...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

House in Possanco

Possanco, Comporta, 2011

The cultural meeting point joining the house owners and the architects was based on their common interest: an undoubtedly contemporary ar...

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

House in Martinhal

Martinhal, Sagres, 2007

This house is located in Sagres (Algarve), the furthest southwest location in Portugal. This town hosted the Navigation School behind th...

Shigeru Ban Architects

Quinta Botanica

Portugal, 2009

RVDM Arquitectos

Bus Complex Arriva-Guimarães

Guimarães, 2009

Situated closely to the entry of new tolls at Guimarães - South motorway A11, the new centre of operations of Arriva-Portugal, a p...

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Oliveira de Frades

Viseu, 2008

Two overlapping volumes contain separate programs. The upper one contains the housing program, organized spaces around the central courty...

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Palhaça

Aveiro, 2005

RVDM Arquitectos

Alto dos Forninhos

Aveiro, 2007

Periphery – Seven plots; three types; two promoters, one project. The opportunity of doing these job altogether as permitted...

RVDM Arquitectos

Live'in - Glicínias

Aveiro, 2006

The total building comprises 89 apartments in three blocks over a commercial volume. The east volume has the smallest housing, in order t...

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Agras Norte

Aveiro, 2008

Houses over the Ria de Aveiro The program wanted two twin houses in front of a unique landscape, enjoying superb views over the Ria de Av...

RVDM Arquitectos

Houses in Canal São Roque

Aveiro, 2005

Situated in front of Canal São Roque, their volume are strictly designed as the plan previewed. These two houses have a unique and...

RVDM Arquitectos

Farol Housing - Praia Barra

Ílhavo, 2006

Near of the highest lighthouse of the Iberian Peninsula, the building articulates two solids over a commercial floor. Each side resolves ...

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Canal Botirões

Aveiro, 2010

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Quintãs

Aveiro, 2004

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Costa Nova

Ílhavo, 2002

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

Calçada da Ajuda


Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

Leandro Braga Street


Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

António Verney Elementary School


Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

House in Meco/2

Aldeia do Meco

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

House in Estoril

Estoril, 2011

Located on an impressively sloping site in Estoril, a neighborhood of Lisbon facing a woody valley, those symmetrically mirrored houses p...

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

House in Tróia

Tróia, 2003

For the surrounding ground, a Set of virtually blank solids perform a dialectically tensioned play, searching, through scale and accentua...

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

House in Meco

Aldeia do Meco, 2010

Located on an woody site at Meco beach, nearby Sesimbra in the outskirts of Lisbon, this house aims to a close relation with surrounding ...

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

House in Paço de Arcos

Lisbon, 2010

Located at Alto do Lagoal in Paço de Arcos, a neighborhood of Lisbon facing the sea, this house has been built on a sloping site and prop...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Casa Da Musica

Porto, 2005

The past thirty years have seen frantic attempts by architects to escape the domination of the "shoe-box" concert hall. Rather ...

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