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'one4two' Standing and Sitting Table

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Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH

‚one4two‘ opens up new perspectives of communication.

For the development of the ‘one4two’ standing and sitting table, rosconi teamed up with committed partners right from the very beginning. The vision behind this furniture piece was to design it as closely as possible to customer requirements as well as to continuously refine it. The creative minds behind ‘one4two’ can be found in the offices of Viennese architects Pichler & Traupmann, whose projects create spaces for social engagement.

The development of the unusual standing and sitting table generates a new understanding of the term ‘eye level’, since it depicts a contemporary image of our society. It brings people with different talents and from different generations together at a table and enables barrier-free communication at work, in public buildings, within healthcare facilities, during events or in leisure time. The eye-catcher, made from sustainably obtained birch wood, can be covered with durable, low-maintenance laminate upon request, allowing an organic form and a communicative function to merge seamlessly.

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