Visualisation © HRA-Lisboa
Visualisation © HRA-Lisboa
Visualisation © HRA-Lisboa
Visualisation © HRA-Lisboa

Paris River Champagne Bar

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Paris , France

Paris is a cosmopolitan city, where day life is a crossroad of people from everywhere, seeking the magic of this unique place. In the heart of city, with the desire to reach a symbiosis between the urban landscape and the river Seine, the River Champagne Bar arises.

The “Sparkling Seine” conceptual idea is to create a magic atmosphere that resembles the Champagne glamour while attending to urban needs, such as different street level connections, pleasant public paths and outdoor green spaces. The proposal design allows the experience of floating in the river Seine, enlightened by a beautiful sunset along with the thrust of our imagination.

Recreating the sparkling effect of the Champagne wine, produced from French grapes, the image of the project is the dynamic composition of different sized bubbles that rise from the river. All the different spaces generate connections answering program needs, while giving different atmospheres to the visitors. As a central reference, we have the bar counter and seating area bubble, emphasized by its size and color.

These loose volumes allow natural crossed ventilation that combined with the exterior green living spaces and the river water creates a pleasant microclimate. In order to take advantage of the location, energy is produced by the river stream. On the other hand, river water and rainwater are stored and filtered to water the plants and used as non-potable water.

Referring to the exterior covering skin of the building, it works as a glass reflective surface combined with metallic shutters for solar shading.

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