227 Geneva

Geneva, Suisse
Photo © Jean-Pierre Gabriel, Reiner Lautwein
Photo © Jean-Pierre Gabriel, Reiner Lautwein
Photo © Jean-Pierre Gabriel, Reiner Lautwein
Photo © Jean-Pierre Gabriel, Reiner Lautwein
Erik Dhont

This was our first project abroad. It concerns an imposing ferme ornée of 1750 with annexes on an extended estate with a view of Mont Blanc. As a first phase we restored the main courtyard. The existing chestnuts, which were partially damaged, have been replaced and at the middle a square bench has been installed. During a second phase, we covered the historic park with a contemporary layer which revives the historic French garden and the more recent English park. On the central axis of the building, a walkway has been created with monumental yew forms that lead to the old cedar and which look over a 17th-century canal at the back of the garden. Near the chateau, flower beds have been made with an up-to-date planting which offers different things in each season. A pleasure garden is anticipated that, in a supple movement, will be connected with some yew trees clipped as cones. On the side of the building we have constructed a grotto with a fountain with old blocks of stone. At the back of the orchard, a fruit garden, given rhythm by rows of artichokes, asparagus, sunflowers, and zinnias, has been created. / in collaboration with Verena Mast Architect

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