Foto © Eckhart Matthaeus
Foto © Eckhart Matthaeus
Foto © Eckhart Matthaeus
Foto © Eckhart Matthaeus
Foto © Eckhart Matthaeus


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August-Wessels-Straße 30, 86156 Augsburg, Germania

During the renovation of their main stage, Augsburg’s State Theater temporarily moved to the „Brecht Stage“ of Augsburg‘s historical Ofenhaus.
Having recently been renovated, the historical industrial building offers impressive premises and architectural details. Since Bertolt Brecht was a passionate cigar smoker, a „smoke cloud“ was mounted onto the very top of the foyer and restaurant of the Ofenhaus on his behalf. And looking up at the ceiling is worthwile.

The artwork made of delicate alphamesh “ventura“ aluminium mesh fabric is now wavering like a cloud of smoke above the seats of the 19 m high room. This concept of art in a public was developed by Augsburg-based interior designer Margarethe Kolb and implemented by metal sculptor Gerold Sauter and his employees.

The 100 m long and 1.5 m wide elements of the alumimium mesh fabric were artfully crumbled and draped and hung under the ceiling with the help of 200 thin stainless steel cables installed on a metal lattice. On the whole, the construction weighs around 45 kg.

With their cube-like pattern, the individual aluminium threads of “ventura“ form a tense surface. Here, the correct lighting is of great importance, implemented by Stephan Meyer of Korona Lighting. Now, the threads shine and sparkle, building up an extraordinary tension and thus bringing the “smoke cloud“ to life.

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