Doctor Moisès Broggi Hospital


Pinearq is an award-winning international company, specialized in the development of complex facilities for the health sciences, with a consolidated team with a history of more than 30 years in practice together, with presence and projects in more than 15 countries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Our experience accounts for continued improvements in how we do things, in our capacity to adapt to differing places, and our ability to work with different formulas of cooperation and management. For this reason, we concentrate on collaborative architectural work supported by advanced design programs.

Pinearq projects are typified by being centred on the creation of humanised high technology spaces. This practice has been the fruit of continued research into new methods and involvement in various teaching programs.

In Pinearq, the management of quality, the environment and risk prevention are integrated into a single system which achieves the optimisation and minimisation of time and resources, improvements in management, greater participation and trust among staff, meaning satisfaction both for workers and for suppliers and clients.

We are accredited with ISO 9001 quality seal, ISO 14001 environmental management seal, and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety seal.


  • 建築家
Barcelona, Spain