280 Roeselaere

ランドスケープ アーキテクト
Erik Dhont Landscape Architects

One of the prime points of departure in this project was the reclamation of the bricks from the demolished farm. We have piled these up to create large volumes between the new buildings. They give rhythm to the whole entrance area and form an abstract modern space with a sort of ruin through which one can walk, at the same time creating some protection in a landscape that is otherwise open. Among the stones, all manner of ferns and perennials have been planted, which will in time form little mats on the stones. In the neighbouring countryside an existing pond has been dug out and a completely new system of linking canals and pools has been created. Among and above the pools and canals stretches a walkway that leads from the house to the kitchen garden, to a new glasshouse and to a pleasure garden. The path is made of large pre-cut concrete slabs in four formats. By combining them differently each time and exploiting the grass-filled gaps between them, an interesting design has been created that underlines the horizontality of the landscape, exuding at the same time a great peace. / in collaboration with Buro II architects


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