Vazio S/A

Gaia Environment Museum

Gaia, 2021

Gaia Environment Museum is a proposal for an architeture competition set in Gaia, Porto, Portugal. Its start point generates a sequence o...

Vazio S/A

Longing 500 mg

Porto, 2023

The plot of this apartment is a classic example of narrow and deep plots in the city of Porto, in Portugal. The urban fabric of Porto's h...

SUMMARY Architects


Aldeia da Paradinha, Alvarenga, 2021

11 Retreat Cabins in the Woods Considering the roughness and the remoteness of this plot it would be difficult (and extremely expensive)...

BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)


Lisbon, 2020

Where We Are Now (Who Are We Anyway?), 1976 One of the typical challenges of any architectural project is dealing with a constraining si...

BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)

Bureau's Office

Lisbon, 2020

How to work better 1 Do one thing at a time 2 Know the problem 3 Learn to listen 4 Learn to ask questions 5 Distinguish sense from nonsen...

BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)


Lisbon, 2020

The architectural classification that is applied to how an apartment plan is distributed, how its parts are arranged is frequently referr...

BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)

X is not a small country - Unravelling the…

Lisboa, 2021

The exhibition design follows these lines of thought: Fieldwork: the resurrection of Henrique Galvão’s 1934 map, a complex referential tr...


Casa da Volta

Grandola, 2021

The house is located in the Southwest of Alentejo, deep in the Grandola hills. The gently undulating topography contrasts with the harsh ...


Tagus Gas Bürokomplex

Cartaxo, 2014

Das Fassadensystem weist eine umfangreiche, leistungsstarke Verglasung auf, verborgen von einer perforierten Hülle aus nachhaltig produzi...

COR arquitectos

Rehabilitation of the Old Resin Factory

Marinha Grande, 2013

The relevance of the structure meant to be rehabilitated, the Market, of immense historical importance and an almost mandatory daily pass...

COR arquitectos

Rooftop pavillon at "Grande Hotel do Porto"

Porto, 2010

The Black Tower - Rooftop pavillon at "Grande Hotel do Porto" The hotel “Grande Hotel do Porto” is located at the centre of Porto, Port...


Rainha XXI.

Tavira, 2021

Coming Soon ... More at

SUMMARY Architects

1000m2 prefabricated

Vale de Cambra, 2019

After the release of a prototype ( and the exhibition in La Biennale di Venezia (

BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)

Casa do Monte

Lisboa, 2019

BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide)

Dodged House

Lisbon, 2019

The crisis that hit Portugal ten years ago has produced an incredible density of abandoned spaces. The two main cities, Porto and Lisbon,...


Hospital Residencial do Mar Refurbishment

Bobadela, 2015

The Hospital Residencial do Mar is located a few hundred meters from the Tagus River, in a residential urban area on the outskirts of Lis...


GS1 Portugal

Lisboa, 2016

GS1 Portugal is the Portuguese counterpart of the non-profit global body in charge of implementing the technological licensing origin ide...

lopes brenna architetti


Oporto, 2017

SUMMARY Architects


Arouca, 2015

The Gomos System results from a business R&D project and consists of a concrete modular system which presents an accurate and efficie...

Topos Atelier de Arquitectura

Ribamar Residential and Commercial Building

Póvoa do Varzim, 2016

Topos Atelier de Arquitectura

House 44

Braga, 2015

The atelier took on this plat between 1996 and 2000. All houses are based in the same “L” shape volume and plan typology. The dwellings b...

João Veríssimo - YTAA Shortlist

Revisited Waters


Lisbon as a backdrop "It takes the earth as its origin, comes alive in the Tagus and retraces back to Li...


Hospital Beatriz Angelo

Loures, 2011

The new hospital at Loures, a municipality to the north of Lisbon, is located in a growing part of this city. The building is in two rect...

Erik Dhont Landscape Architects

279 Azores

Azores, 2009

This garden near a new lodging is found on a cliff surrounded by sea on all sides. Previously the ground was a vineyard and it was covere...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Ocean Platform Prison

Pacific Ocean, 2013

The location in the middle of the ocean leads the proposal to a natural isolation. Therefore the concept of the main design of the buildi...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

INNATUR - Nature Interpretation Centre

Berlengas, 2012

Our vision for inNATUR_2 Competition is located in an island full of bays, pebbles and beaches, called Berlengas Island. In the contrast ...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Torres Vedras Carnival Arts Centre

Torres Vedras, 2011

The proposal is located on the old slaughterhouse’s site, on the north zone of Torres Vedras city. The new construction is deliberately d...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

ÁguaVida building

Oeiras, 2010

The proposal defines itself as a point of connection between the three surrounding equipments – Poets Avenue, Poets Green Park and the fu...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

SMAS Oeiras and Amadora Headquarters

Oeiras, 2011

The Office Building for the Technical Services of SMAS, takes advantage of the high position of the site which has a great view to the va...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Vasco da Gama House

Cascais, 2014

According to the architectural and photographic survey, it is noticeable the lack of visual and direct relationship between the interior ...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Correnteza House

Lisbon, 2015

This intervention seeks to maintain only the two main existing facades of the building, at North and East, given the high degree of deter...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Corporación Dermoestética Clinic

Lisbon, 2012

This intervention intended to convert a commercial space to the function of a medical aesthetic clinic, in an area of homogeneous image u...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Olissipo Hotel - Campo Pequeno XXI

Lisbon, 2002

Following the project for urban development of “Campo Pequeno XXI”, we formalized the proposal for the Plot 3 that will be fully dedicate...

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

2 Houses in Parede

Parede, 2015

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Campo de Ourique House

Lisbon, 2014

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Cobre Housing

Cascais, 2014

This project intention is the reconstruction of an existing house according to the daily demands of the new owners in order to give them ...

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