Mondorf-les-Bains Velodrome and Sports Complex

Photo credit: Metaform
Photo credit: Metaform
Mondorf-les-bains, Luxembourg, Luxemburgo
1M - 100M
Municipality of Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg Ministry of Sports
Pohl Architekten, Latz + Partner, Werner Sobek, Transsolar
metaform architects

Situated in the rolling countryside of Luxembourg on the edge of Mondorf-les-Bains, the new Velodrome and Sports Complex designed by Mecanoo and Metaform is set to reinforce the community, known for its thermal baths, as a destination for recreation. The facilities combine the new national velodrome with an aquatic centre, multisport hall and climbing wall, creating a sporting destination capable of hosting national and international cycling events while simultaneously creating a sporting hub for the community and future international school, proposed adjacent to the site.

The prescribed re-naturalization of the sloping agricultural site combined with the restrictions of both the site and a limited budget informed the compact design approach. The pools and sports hall are sunken into the topography and absorbed by sloping green roofs which blend the building into the landscape. This gives the desired prominence to the velodrome as a recognizable landmark in the landscape, visible from the neighbouring highway, while the manipulations of topography and landscape rationalize the complex program in a clever and economical way.The layout connects the facilities through a grand foyer while maintaining a clear circulation for both athletes (professional, recreational and students) and spectators. The velodrome and sports halls are accessed through changing rooms located on the ground floor. A large open staircase connects the public foyer on the first floor with the entrance, creating a clear public axis to the aquatic centre and spectator areas of the velodrome and multisport. The brasseries create a convivial informal meeting and waiting spaces, with outdoor terraces and views onto all of the facilities and the surrounding landscape.

The Velodrome appears as a floating volume with a transparent band separating the solid volume of the roof from the landscape. The simple form puts the elegant engineered timber structure on display. Wood and concrete finishes create a neutral, durable yet warm backdrop to the complex. Throughout the facility, strategically placed skylights and glazed facades optimize natural daylight while framing views to the landscape. Green roofs, passive solar design, and photovoltaic panels on the roof of the velodrome contribute to the compact building’s sustainable approach.

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