SUMMARY Architects

1000m2 prefabricated

Vale de Cambra, 2019

After the release of a prototype ( and the exhibition in La Biennale di Venezia (

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

2 Houses in Parede

Parede, 2015

Humberto Conde Architects | HRA-Lisboa

Condominium Quinta de Vale Verde

Estoril, 2007

This Project is located in Bicesse, Estoril, and is composed by nine housing constructions that are integrated on a global allotment of t...

RVDM Arquitectos

Corisco Housing

Aveiro, 2012

It consists on 25 residential lots that are developed in three different types, divided into four volumes. Although situated on the outsk...


Marquês de Abrantes' Palace

Lisbon, 2020

Name of work in EnglishMarquês de Abrantes' PalaceName of work in original language

Topos Atelier de Arquitectura

Avidos Urban Complex

V. N. de Famalicão, 1990

The Quinta do Passal Urbanization develops into a hillside farmland, dominated by a small church, the highest point in the landscape. Th...

Topos Atelier de Arquitectura

Ponte de Lima Touristic Village

Ponte de Lima, 1995

On the one hand, the density of the program (86 dwellings), the nature and slope of the terrain, the need to provide "views" of the Golf,...

RVDM Arquitectos

House in Palhaça

Aveiro, 2005

RVDM Arquitectos

Alto dos Forninhos

Aveiro, 2007

Periphery – Seven plots; three types; two promoters, one project. The opportunity of doing these job altogether as permitted...

RVDM Arquitectos

Live'in - Glicínias

Aveiro, 2006

The total building comprises 89 apartments in three blocks over a commercial volume. The east volume has the smallest housing, in order t...

RVDM Arquitectos

Farol Housing - Praia Barra

Ílhavo, 2006

Near of the highest lighthouse of the Iberian Peninsula, the building articulates two solids over a commercial floor. Each side resolves ...

Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

Calçada da Ajuda


Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

Leandro Braga Street


Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

House in Estoril

Estoril, 2011

Located on an impressively sloping site in Estoril, a neighborhood of Lisbon facing a woody valley, those symmetrically mirrored houses p...

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