Sea Front

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Project Team

Ricardo Vieira de Melo; Cristina Marques; Ricardo Senos; Ânia Abrantes; Rosário Fino; Regina Santos; Raquel Bernardino; João Briosa; Eduardo Mota; Daniela Santos; Nuno Marques

City of Figueira da Foz

Building area
123.160 m2

Intervention area
474.600 m2 – 47,4 ha

Landscape and Memory - Reunion to the future

The proposal takes advantage of the extensive sandy beach offered by the wind and the sea using it to revive the prestige and excitement of Figueira da Foz by proposing an Atlantic City Park ready to receive art, culture, sport and leisure. This great collective equipment, with more than two kilometers in length, will rebalance the relationship between the city and the sea.

The intervention area is essentially on nature, between the city and the sea. The challenge is how achieve an attractive and welcoming space protected from the prevailing winds.

The project concept can be summarized in Nature, Proximity and Energy

- Creation of a dune system that allows fixing of autochthonous plant species defining a vegetal filter device by creating a transitional space, and protection one between the city and the beach.

- Construction of a new pedestrian and car access systems to the sea front while allowing decompression of the avenue and further strengthening of the car parking supply with a new semi-underground park for 445 cars in southern section of the avenue and some more in the new "Marginal Sea." along the new sand dunes.

- New buildings for leisure, sports and culture.

- Use of building and energy techniques to ensure that both production and conservation of energy.

The southern part of the intervention aims for more urban programs: new facilities such as an Atlantic Pool; the multifunctional space, so called “Ring of Arts” and a new Marina will reinforce the attractiveness of the city. The ocean avenue will be enlarged with a new profile and a fifteen meters wide sidewalk. This new profile will allow the construction of a Car Parking beneath it, using the slope to the beach.

The Atlantic Pool will be the south tail-end of the side-walk, acting as a stony "bubble". Inside it will have a 25 meters competition tank, another one for diving and a SPA facing the new Marina. Outside there will be a saltwater pool.

The Ring of Arts will be the main meeting place. It is designed for music shows, seasonal fairs, and sports events. As a summer-use facility, it is also prepared for use in the winter as it may be closed completely with nylon screen canvas.

The Atlantic Marina approaches the city to the water plan, and repositions the Santa Catarina Fort by the sea. It will have a commercial building and an outdoor amphitheater that will connect this space to Bairro Novo neighbor. A new pedestrian bridge will connect the Casino Street to this new sport facility.

Along the Atlantic City Park  there will be bars and restaurants, both along the existing avenue and the new road along the dunes. This location allows for differentiation and give several footpaths to the beach. Throughout the park there will be facilities for children teenagers and adult players. Bike pathways, a skate park, football and volley fields will offer a wide range of opportunities for all.

The Buarcos Garden, by the northern part of the intervention will rearrange the road net system by transforming the various roundabouts into a single one. This will free up space for a big garden with bars and restaurants.

Along the beach there will be six clusters of beach huts called the Beach Neighborhoods.

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